Everything you need to know about the Flovatar ÐUST Token

Flovatar has its own utility token, known as Star ÐUST or just ÐUST for short.

This page details the main features of ÐUST as well as including all the special utilities that can be unlocked with it.

What is ÐUST?

ÐUST is our own unique token, that unlocks key features within the Flovatar universe. 500 million tokens will be released over a 10 year period with used tokens permanently burned and removed from circulation.

How to earn ÐUST

All owners of Series 1 Flovatars earn ÐUST on a daily basis for a period of 10 years. The higher the rarity score the more ÐUST a Flovatar will earn.

ÐUST Utilities

Create Series 2 NFTs

You need ÐUST to create all Series 2 NFTs - starting with the adorable Psyche Likee Flovatar companions.

ÐUST Utilities

Upgrade Flobits

Pick x10 Flobits of the same rarity tier and burn them to upgrade to x1 new higher rarity Flobit.

ÐUST Utilities

Name your Flovatar

You can give your Flovatar a name that will be with them forever as it will be written to the blockchain with guaranteed uniqueness.

ÐUST Utilities

Write a Bio

Create an evolving backstory for your Flovatar, that you can keep adding to over time.

ÐUST Utilities

Add a Location

Give your Flovatar a physical location, that places them on a global map, kind of like their place of birth or to follow them around in their travels.

ÐUST Utilities

Unlock 3D Assets

Download 3D models of your Flovatar to use in other applications or to physically bring it to life with a 3D printer.

Coming soon

Create Bitcoin Ordinals

Take your Flovatar NFTs on to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Coming soon


With the launch of TerraKit™ you'l be able to create your own asteroid home for your Flovatar NFTs as well as being able to make and sell your own complete NFT series.

Coming soon

Fully Tradable

ÐUST is fully tradable via a Liquidity Pool on Increment.fi here.