Flovatar Land Pre-Sale

Flova Labs is launching the TerraKitTM
Pack Pre-sale - SOLD OUT

Flova Labs has identified an asteroid belt in a nearby barren sector of the Flovaverse as the optimal location for the deployment of their new terraforming product, the TerraKit.

Each TerraKit will contain the land deeds to an asteroid, a custom Flobot used to terraform the rock and a FUB (Flovatar Universe Builder) that has the power to generate new life.

The TerraKit

Breathing life into new sectors of the Flovaverse

The TerraKit is Flova Labs latest invention designed to help colonize previously uninhabitable sectors of the Flovaverse.

Planet Flova’s eco-system is in peril and it’s imperative that alternate off-planet colonies are established to ensure the continuation of Flovan life as we know it.

The Land

Customize your own Floating space rock

Be a space pioneer in helping colonize a barren asteroid belt within the Flovaverse.

Your asteroid island(s) will be your personal digital home where you showcase and interact with all your new Flovatar Universe creations.

You can add Flovatars and Flobots of course, but in the future you'll also be able to add ÐUST series NFTs, pet companions, houses, spaceships, and much more.

Just as with Series 1 Flovatars these islands will begin life in 2D, but will, at a later date, turn into a more immersive 3D world.

The Flobot Constructor Kit

Configure your own flobot helper

Your trusty Flobot will help terraform your new floating space rock as well as setting up your FUB.

You will be able to use the familiar Flovatar builder to create your own unique Flobot choosing from 5 different body parts offering over 25 million possible combinations.


Now you have the power to make your own NFTs

The FUB (Flovatar Universe Builder) is a fully customizable version of the now famous Flovatar Series 1 Builder.

Imagine an empty version of the Builder that you can fill with your creativity. You can even reskin and embed the new Builder on your own website and start selling your new NFT series without writing a line of code!

The sky is the limit, bring anything from your imagination to life.

Merging TerraKit Components

Merge components together to make them more powerful

Before activation multiple NFTs can be merged together to to expand their potential.

Merge land deeds to take charge of larger asteroids, merge Flobot Constructor Kits to unlock rarer traits, or even merge FUBs to increase the number of traits available for the designs in your builder.

Monetizing Creativity

Monetize creations from your imagination

Once you publish your FUB anyone can use it to create unique NFTs

In order to mint NFTs with your builder, users are required to pay you ÐUST or any other token, and the amount they have to pay will be determined by you before publishing.

When new builders (FUBs) are published they will appear as additional builders on the Flovatar website – similar to an App Store for NFT builders.

Web 3 Revolution

You can now Give Life to the Flovaverse

Audiences can now be much more than passive consumers of content.

If you don’t have any smart contract coding experience, but always dreamed of having a more active role in the web3 space, and selling your own NFT series, now is the time to act because we removed all the barriers for you to get started!

Quite simply, we built a tool unleashing your awesome creativity, bringing to life your creations and in turn giving life to the Flovaverse itself – your NFTs will have the chance to form part of the emerging storyworld.

Pre-sale registration

2,500 TerraKitsTM pre-sale packs SOLD OUT!

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Each component of the TerraKit will be a Voucher NFT that will be redeemable and transformed into its final form as it becomes available over the coming months:

Sep 2022
Flobot constructor kit
Q4 22 - Q1 23
Asteroid Island
Q1 - Q2 23
FUB - Flovatar universe builder

Check out our TerraKit blog post for full details of the pre-sale and an in-depth view of how it will work.