1,000 Packs
39.00 Flow
23 August - 4pm UTC - 12pm ET

Only 420 packs available for sale on the first drop!

Take your Flovatar to the next level with the Series 2 Flobits. Over 60 new items have been created, many of which are fully animated.

Unlock hidden easter eggs when you combine different Flobits with traits and other Flobits, making your Flovatar truly one of a kind!

Made by YOU

Each Flobit was ideated or created by our community

We asked for your input and you came through! Now here they are, see your imagination brought to life in the Series 2 Flobits.

Empowering your creativity is the most important thing at Flovatar, so let your ideas go wild!

Different Rarity

Guaranteed at least one epic flobit in each pack

Each pack contains 8 randomly selected Flobits with the guarantee of one Epic in each pack

In total 8,000 Flobits have been minted featuring 66 brand new illustrations with the following rarity tiers:

Fully Animated

NEW Epic and Legendary Flobits ARE fully animated

Now you can bring your Flovatar to life with a fully animated Flobit.

If the animation isn’t obvious, you may need to unlock it by combining it with something else. Let the hunt begin!

Hidden Easter Eggs

Combine elements together to unlock hidden easter eggs

Certain Flobits have surprises hidden within them - can you find them all?

You can unlock hidden animations and objects by combining certain Flobits together or with other traits.